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for tonight's willis report, thank you for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow on election day, have a great night. lou: good eveng we're now one day away from deciding who will lead this country for the next 4 years, president obama and governor romney campaigning hard in the swing states, that will decide the outcome of this elect, candidates adding new stops to extent campaign 2 election day. candidates still making their pitches, and what has been one of the longest fiercest and mos expensive presidential elects in history. after nearly 2 billion-dollars, more than 600 million by outside groups alone, hundreds of events attended by both candidates, where do we stand in it is the poll say, an absolute dead heat. the swing state of virginia 13
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electoral votes as ts to toss u, rasmussen report with governor romney with a 2 point lead, and it looks very close this year, latest survey. shows governor romney pulling into a 47-47 tie with the president, putting keystone state 21 electoral votes termly in play, and obviously if polling is correct, no state more surveyed and visited by candidates than ohio, making 29 campaign starts combined there this year. they are back today, and governor romney will return tomorrow to try to win the state, and race that many expect to decide our next president. and the race could not be
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tighter, the state sanction university of cincinnati poll declared the race, quote too close to call, after their final survey, showing with predent's 1.5 lead. and final rasmussen tracking poll with a same plate. 49 for romney, 48 for president. and cnn-orc poll with a sample heavily weighted with democrats showed both then tied at a dead heat, president obama with his last day on campaign trail making one of the most curious accusation of the year, the president accused of stonewalling on benghazi, and response, accused governor romney to wait until after the elect is over to give real
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answers to the issues. >> refusing to answer questions about your policies, until after the election that is not change. that is oldest gamin the book 992. lou: is it? also a game widely played. but go governor said he is the l candidate of change. >> i mean the question of this election really comes down to this, do the people of america' 4 more years like the last 4 years- or do you wt real change finally? lou: one more day until we decide whether a change of leadership is what we want. expert election analysis predicts with two of the best in
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business author columnist juan williams, and fox news digital columnist editor chrissy desire walt. we take that up with waleed ferris, and brad other. president obama barnstorming through 3 swing states today on elect eve, president making what he calls final campaign stops in his life, in wisconsin, ohio, and iowa. fox news, chief white house correspondent ed hen with him every step of the way with our report. >> hello, wisconsin. >> reporter: this is president obama's last day of barnstorming, ever. aides say if he loses to mitt romney, there is no comeback tour in 2016. >> i geto fly around with him theast day that i will ever
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campaign. >> reporter: mostalgia in the area he brought bruce springsteen along for the ride, for jam sessions through 3 midwestern battlegrounds that president hopes will be his eelectric rally fire. >> in columbus, jay-z joined band, they were greeted by a blimp, hovering with a sign that america needs romney, final stop in iowa, a nod to fact this was hawk whawkeye state where the oa movement began 4 years ago, president invited several former aides to ride along on air force one, despite the stake hangs in balance. president was the confident enoh to show his dance moves sunday as stevie wonder serenaded him. in private, some of the
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president's advisors think it possible they could run the table, and win all 9 of the remaining battle grounds, yet the president's team is anxious enough about a possible romney surge. >> i want barack obama. >> reporter: sunday mr. obama crisscrossed 4 battle ground, weariness visible as he walked down stairs of air force one about 3:00 in the morning, his final case is focussed on trust even though he faces lingers questions about the handling of terror attacks in benghazi, and his unkept promises in the economy. >> i promise you so am i sometimes. but you know that i say what i mean, and i mean what i say. >> reporter: david axelrod and david pluf, they said they he
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may sweep all 9 of the remaining battle grounds, ohio, here in iowa, as well as colorado, nevada, pretty bold talk, we'll see you in over 24 hours, whether they can back it up, lou. lou: bold talk indeed, ed henry thank you, fox news chief white house correspondent, governor romney sounding confident today on campaign trail, keeping pace with the president, with swing state visits to florida, virginia, new hampshire and ohio, fox news political chief correspondent carl cameron with our report. >> reporter: mitt romney hit the states. >> we could begin a better tomorrow, tomorrow. and with the help of the people in florida that is what is going to happen. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: first stop, florida, a shot at president to. >> he cared more about a liberal agenda nene -- then about
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repairing the economy dobamacare create now jobs. >> latinos are big in florida, nationwide romney hoped to be poing among them in mid 30s, he has been in high 20 for months, next stop is virginia, first lynch bererg. >> let's get everyone we know you on to vote tuesday. every voter, get them out. >> reporter: fairfax, to fortify romney's narrow edge in polls pump up the crucial get out the vote effort. and supporters booed mention of romney. >> no, no. don't book vote. -- don't boo, vote. >> president obama asked his supporters to vote for revenge. i ask the american people to vote for love of the country. >> reporter: then romney who taped a halftime message moved
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on to ohio, romney could win without the buckeye state but it would be tougher issue he added two election day stops one in cleveland, ohio, other to ttsburgh aimed at a come from behind win in pennsylvania. kid rock, whoeadlined a massive concert last week, wl appear in new hampshire, and at every stop, romney said that door to victory is open he needs a turn out surge to step through it. >> walk with me, let's walk together. >> reporter: romney's decision to keep on campaigning is pardonly unpress denned, both candidates did it in 2008, and 2004. for romney, an opportunity tor -- for him to show he is dedicated to working. lou: thank you carl cameron, fox news chief political correspondent, joining us now, fox news digital columnist editor chris and juan williams.
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>> no, if you look at polls, they have been consistent. outliers indicate that romney ever had a lead in ohio, i say the states you say it is unlikely to hold true would be florida, north carolina, virginia, colorado. with those exceptions obama had a strong lead beyond margin of error in those other states. lou: chris, do you agree? >> no. you are right about the polls that is just silly talk, my mother would call that bar talk. we know that this race is impossibly close, very much too close to call. president had a structural lead
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this held for him in swing states but mitt romney has continued to lead in national, somebody will be right, somebody will be wrong. >> water, you said in battle ground states, obama has demonstrated a lead in polls, i think it is important. >> in ohio specifically. >> it is important, to s look, mitt romney may actually win the popular vote. but he will los the election if he does not win the battle ground states. >> jim: we have a little bit of a battie else ground mere -- we have a little bit of a battle ground here. crise stirewalt and juan williams in just moments. >> government seems to be having as much trouble with hurricane sandy as hurricane katrina, but liberal mainstream media is covering for the president, instead of covering the disaver er tafter story. >> crames of victory, obama campaign declaring it all but over, no problem. but is it just more chicago
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campaign tactics? the selling author brad thor with his theory i am i've been a superintendent for 30 some years at many different park service units across the united states. the only time i've ever had a break is when i was on maternity leave. i have retired from doing this one thing that i loved. now, i'm going to be able to have the time to explore something different. it's like another chapter. so, which supeast 4g lte service would yochoose, based on this chart ?
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lou: we're back with chris stirewalt, and juan williams, to issue of battle ground states. we talk about a new poll with romney up 50-48, a tie in ohio. with most recent, university of cincinnati poll with obama up 50-48. budeclaring too close to call. so, are we to dismiss those polls? >> no, what i'm saying it you look over. the length of time in the campaign, you say that at this point, that is an exception, generally, in ohio, president obama had a lead. i think that what is critical here is who turns out to vote. who get their people to the
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polls tomrow in that regard theres a big difference in potential turn out, but everyone, clearly has been and you have reputable pollsters say, we have been at this for some time, we see a obama win. >> republicans do better oh, lurk day, they turn out -- on every election day. in 1998, in a congressional midterm they under performed from every other election, they did better on election day than in polls before, you see in the swing state polls, lou this is the point, if it is close, you talk about hala point, average under over performance by republicans that could flip not just ohio but several of the states, difference for romney between a narrow victory and a big win is small.
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>> i think a lot of what you are doing is speculative. >> sure. >> i am just telling you, right now, you are boiling down, to i will support your argument for the fun of it. president obama -- >> i nigh need the help. >> president obama needs a big turn out, not only in ohio but across the natio from hispanic, black, young people, college e educated, womn in the cities, they are not as enthusiastic, the poll models must be flawed. the pollsters north that dumb. lou: not all of them. >> they just have to be all wrong. >> all right, so let's take a look at a couple things, one is, iowa. president polls tremendously there. now, it looks like there is some movement. weon't know how much. but talking with shannon in iowa
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said that bottom of ticket may influence the top, they have a right to equal rights amendment for gays, they want to get rid of, they wanto get rid of justice supreme court who is up for election, they want to take the senate that is 23-26 split, the reporter said that folks there think they may carry this for romney in iowa because of energy created by that. >> yes, and iowa, i like as a pretty good chance for romney to flip a blue, i thi not his best chance, that is colorad and michigan. but -- >> really? >> yeah, iowa, because of social issues, this is part of getting evangelicals out. >> this is wishful thinking. >> i'm not wishing. >> even lou dobbs said here that iowa is a strong state for
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president obama. >> it is. >> when luke at this, there are all -- when you look at this, all sorts of possibility, talking about evangelicals, that is a good point if they turn out in big numbers, the momentu in this you see governor romney had momentum after the first debate it has stopped i don't think that the storm in your home ste of new jersey and governor state helped mr. romney. we'll have to look, i think something that would aim to a -- amount to a waive elect. >> we don't need a waive. lou: thank you we'll all be watching theurn out carefully. >> and we'll be watching you. lou: we appreciate that. andther part is, thank you for noting, and putting on record for fact that i conceded that president obama would win at least one state. >> don'think i'm forgetting our bet, mr. dobbs, mr. rich by.
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>> thank you very much. lou: up next new york city mayor bloomberg refuses to let national guard help are hurricane sandy recovery, why? u will not believe why, we'll have the full story. >> and president obama coming just short of declaring out right victory on the campaign trail today. we'll be joined by best seller author brad thor, calling it sure chicago campaign tactic, with his theory ad forecast for this upcoming presidential election, he is up next. ...seems like you guys got a little gass out there. enough already. c'mon guys. next question. mr.ewis? what's your favite color? what's my favorite color? yes. purple. what's your favorite animal? sea turtle.
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lou: president obama and governor romney in a dead heat. my next guest says that president obama would do anything to claim a victory, joining us now, new york time best selling author of the new book "black list." let's start with -- your view on why we're hearing so much dismissal of the prospect of a romney win by obama campaign? >> well, i am a chicago guy, i live in chicago, i have good contacts within the obama campaign, i heard, recently, i can't say when, but they would pull something out of the democratic playbook, declare a win early, nailing a particular state or more than one state to
10:25 pm
demoralize republican voters from going out. we saw thi in 2000, florida was declared early for gore that had a rippleffect and with exit polling in 2004 this is standard democrat playbook to call something early, to say not going to vote. lou: and as you watch what is happening, and you heard juan williams and chris stirewalt with their analysis, what is your view right now about the polls that are so close, and the less close polls, that define the swing states, battle ground states. >> well, i think one thing we learned is that the scales have been tipped, you look at cross tabs, these are over sampling democrats, i think that this be similar to gay marriage proposition in california, people told pollsters one thing, but in privacy of voting booth diddin something different, you have a lot of people that voted
10:26 pm
for barack obama first time who will not admit, that they are not voting for him again, they say yes, but when they get in polling place, they will say country before party, he hads for 4 years, he is gone. lou: idea that, president obama has reestablished momentum following, hurricane sandy, and all of the damage it has done, in thi part of the country, how much weight to you give to governor christie embracing the president over it, and thanking him, thanking them for a job that is right now as president likes to use expression, incomplete. >> income plight, you know, i don't give it any credit, there a -- part of the equation that is missing, people think that tea party have disappeared, nobody talks about how tea party kay out in force, we have not had a reason to get back out and
10:27 pm
march in streets. the tea party is till have. they are coming out in for, and i am telling you now this will be a decisive victory for mitt romney, not a squeaker, but decisive only if everyone votes, you cannot take it for granted. lou: we thank you for being with us, we appreciate it good to see you, brad thor with a bold pro dec, governor -- prediction, gor romney to win a decisive election, we have much more throughout this hour. >> we're almost there, election day. 2012. president obama, governor romney, making their final pitches. the a-team is here to tell us what is going to happen, and w why. wall street rallied when senator barack obama of the elected 4 years ago, and rallied when fdr won his first term, what will markets do next?
10:28 pm
wells fargo chief sealt chief e, john silvio. >> new footage of president obama's interview with 60 minutes the day after september 11 attacks, what took cbs so long to release the first video, and why the rest now. >> ktmcfarland, and
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♪ lou: a week after hurricane sandy hit, and over one-half million people still without power in the northeast. there are some signs of returning normality. about half of new jersey schools , 90 percent of new york city schools reopen today. commuters are still in during shortages of gasoline, long waits and crowded trains in some places, even food shortages. forecasters are waing as well that i nor'easter could,
10:32 pm
perhaps, hit the region as early as wednesday. meanwhile, critics are blasting new york mayor michael bloomberg for not allowing the national guard into brooklyn as requested last week. >> the national guard has been helpful, but th np is the only people we want on the streets with guns. we don't need it. there have been one or two minor of break-ins, disgraceful though they may be. but that, people are doing the right thing. lou: the may's assessment conflicts with a borough president marty markowitz assessment. he asked for help just an hour before the mayor's news conference. well, turning back to the election with just hours until polls opened, evidence is mounting that president obama deceived americans about benghazi, aid in part by elements of the mainstream media cbs news has released another part of the steve cross interview with the president conducted just one day after
10:33 pm
that attack. >> mr. president, this morning he went out of your way to avoid that word terrorists in connection with the libyan attack. do y believe that this was a terrorist attack? >> it is too early to know exactly how this came about, what group was involved, but obviously it was an attack on americans. lou: joining us nowto analyze all of this, fox news national security analyst. also joining eskimo fox news middle east expert. let me start with yor reaction. this is the second portion of this intervie that has been released by a 60 minutes. the first coming in made october. i believe the 19th of october. now this one with onlyours remaining before the election.
10:34 pm
>> what this one shows is that the president did not talk about it as terrorism from the beginning. everything that has been set so far. we now have the majority of americans to think their is a cover-up. the tragedy of all this is the mainstream media is part of a cover-up. lou: i want to accept, if i may, a couple of -- just particularly sharyl attkisson doing an outstanding job, foreign policy magazine doing a great job. doing a super job. your reaction to this taggered staged release, if you will, the most peculiar time, peculiar times by 60 minutes. >> first of all, you just mentioned it. the fact that this is released a few hours before we start voting , americans are not paying attention. at the same time, later, before
10:35 pm
d-day, before election day. but this segment itself is so clear. the question to the president was, since you have not said it was terrorism, can yu confirm now if its terrorism? the president answered, we are investigating, meaning that despite all the information that came to the executive branch overnight and that morning, still the president said we are investigating, this is an attack against americans. said to be attacking, different from terrorism. that segment is very clear. lou: what are we to make of the fact that the cia releases a time line after almost eight weeks, finally decides to respond before a few days earlier, david patraeus, head of the cia has a statement released hussein no one at the cia in any way hindered or refuse to help for those four americans were killed. and then comes a time line, and then we see a number of news
10:36 pm
outlets reported that timeline by the cias if it were gospel. for example, david ignatius at the washington post. a veteran foreign policy correspondent suddenly embracing the cia. i have never seen the likes of this. their version, but without even qualification. >> and you know the tragedy, i kept thinking, where were we in 1972 during the watergate break-in? that was a time, and tha movie is seen by every reporter as the cult clssicof how reporters investigate the troops got there up against the establishment and are going to fight for the truth. what has happened that is just the opposite. we have a mainstream media that does not want to fight for the truth. it is realy the press office of an obama campaign, and i think when you look back 20 years from now and people look at this era, they're not going to talk about the things you and i are talking about. they will look back and say, where was the media? why did they not exercise the first amendment rights? why did they not speak truth to
10:37 pm
power? why did they just take what they were fed and go with it bcause they had political leanings that reed with the president? >> i'm going to ask you, if i may, to go beyond to the middle east and geopolitics. is it your assessment the american people are sufficiently blind and deaf to the political reality in washington d.c. tha they would succumb to just simply a complete by end to what has been an eight week long stonewalled byhis administration. >> the american public is submitted to a blackout. they are in a box. 85 percent of that mainstream box that beans information to the public is part of the mechanism. you know, they don't want to share information. they don't want to share analysis. it is very ironic that the bloggers fear, the bloggers, facebook, youtube shared more
10:38 pm
information with te public than the manstream -- mainstream media. that is a scandal. it is not watergate. this is a notion date. those in need to inform and educate did no. lou: last word real quick. >> the majority of americans want the truth and it is not coming, and the majority of americans think has been a cover-up. they want to know why four americans were killed and no assistance was given before, during, or after. lou: i want to qualify, catherine marriage, they were at the forefront of reporting on the store from the beginning. affecting my judgment, very, very late to the story. up next, th ost-election economy we will tell you what history tells us.
10:39 pm
and coming up tomorrow, expert analysis and election insight. columnist michael goodwin and strategist robert zimmerman, ambassador john bolton among our all-star lineup. fox business, by the waken begins a special election coverage with stuart varney and 5:00 p.m. eastern, a special ou dobbs tonight" begins at 6:00 p.m. neil cavuto at 7:00 p.m. we are going to be with you until a winner is declared. we're coming right back. stay with us.
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isn't that the exact same thing ? it's pretty clear. still stking with verizon. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined. de and ♪ ♪ you can help others ong the way. ♪ ♪ a portion of every bottle that they sell goes to fight ♪ ♪ breast cancer and i think that's swell. ♪ ♪ the more you take, the more they'll pay, ♪ ♪ so make them write a big check today. ♪ ♪ and if you're feeling a little slow, ♪ ♪ then 5-hour energy will help you go. ♪ ♪ so buy a bottle of pink lemonade and ♪ ♪ you celp fight breast cancer today. ♪ ♪ lou: well, and tonight's moneine we're taking a look at what happens in the markets on election day. on the day, by the way, after president obama was elected in
10:43 pm
2008. s&p, the dow, nasdaq, they all closed higher. trading, however, the latest in three weeks. the three stocks that love higher today, hewlett-packard, caterpillar, and apple. 3 million ipads in three days. lifting stock. good news on gasoline and prices 354 is now the national price of a gallon of gas according to the survey, $0.20 in just two weeks. the biggest too weak price decline since december 2008. some symmetry on here. joining me now, wells fargo's chieeconomist john silvia. good to have you wit us. give us a sense of what you think is going tohappen under two scenarios because we have to candid it's. what happens if governor romney wins? >> i think most independent voters, especially, are going to feel a much better balance between the bnefit and the cost of policy-making and avoid some
10:44 pm
of the extremes in terms of environmenta regulation, health care regulation, federal spending. i think the market we will rally i think right now lot of investors are looking at president obama and unfortunately what they're seeing is higher taxes on dividends and capital gains. the market is not going to like it.@ lou: as we are looking, post-election market sell-off. we mean day after. we are looking at president obama. adelle shedding over five points, as did the market under william mckinley. we like to be thorough. and franklin roosevelt a day after. president -- you know, it's striking the idea that what you're saying here is president obama, the market will sell-off. you scratch your head and say, why in the world we reelecting the fellow? >> well, independent voters, maybe people a looking at the
10:45 pm
future for their cildren. sitting here saying, we can't continue the spending. this has a cost, and it's pay me now or pay me later. i think for the obama administration they let the spending get away from themselves. people look at thetimulus and say, what did i get other than more debt, bigger, higher interest expense. unfortunately i think the obama administration let the economic policy get away from themselves. lou: well, as you know, recent studies show that everyone under the age of 18 in this country are on the hook for $218,000 of our debt. thank you for being with us. we appreciate. >> thank you. lou: up next, nearltwo-year election cycle now boiling down to just a handful of counties and a handful of states. at least that is what they tell us. the "a-team" will tell us the straight stuff on this election next. their next. ately.
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♪ lou: well, i am excited to have the "a-team", republican strategist, fox news political analyst, democratic strategist, veteran democratic campaign strategists and fox news contributor. a veteran. you know, i probably should have said veteran. it just means we have known one another a long time. [talking over each other] i played his younger broth. [laughter] it's great to have you with us. this thing is obviously a dead heat. we areearing from the, you know, from various elements of the proletariat, the intelligence.
10:50 pm
the swing states are already determined. the outcome is clear. >> obama opera to saying he is going to get all nine of the swing states which i think that mitt romney is going to do very well. a lot of people have told pollsters they will vote for obama. when they go into the ballot box they vote for mitt romney because they want something different and a half at. >> i would be a lot more of said it the analysts did not say they were going to win all the sweet -- swing states. >> bottom line is it will see a lot of the positioning and posturing. >> it looks like mad romney. >> i belie that somebody is going to win almost all, if not all this when states. because what has happened here, i have said this before, two different models for what the turnout will be.
10:51 pm
the romney people believe one thing in the obama people believe something completely different. when you have nine states that are dead heats, if the obama model is the right one, it's not going to just appear in new mpshire. it's going to appear across all nine. if their romney model is the right model, it's going to win all nine. i really believe. of cours seven of the nine. and i believethe obama all is the right one. >> of course you do. >> i'm prepared to wake up with egg on my face because i really do bieve electorally somebody is right, and that somebody, when they are right. [talking over each other] lou: suggesting that they will be all right or all wrong. lou: to you. the democrats. >> much more eloquent than .
10:52 pm
>> you can't local issues that drive the turnout. local issues and by the election. the exhaust -- the electorate. i assume. i would not say it will be. >> you are right. with all politics, it's going to come down to advocacy and the surrogates and gettingout there and pressing the flesh because some people have not made their minds that. lou: well, we will be back to find that who they are. a message for them. coming rit back. stay with us. we will find out what the deal is. the obama administration. we will find out [ female announcer ] the next generation of investing technology
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everything exactly the way you want it, all on one page. tranorm your investing with the e-trade 360 investing dashboard. lou: we're pressed for time, i want to hit you with a couple quick things, shannon, in iowa said they think they think there is going to be a conservative movement that will carry top of the ticket. what do you engine. >> i think tea party will come out, and independence will vote conservative, she is right. lou: the models you and joe have been talking about. what is going to be tested most severely in the democratic -- the obama model? >> democratic enthusiasm will be key, seeing that enthusiasm level ric rise to a point with a greater turn out of young people, and different segment of democratic population, the thing
10:57 pm
to keep in mine on is not tea party it may prevent romney from winning because moderates are turned off by it. it. lou: did you say tea party could defeat barack obama. >> i said romney. lou: let's g back to model, your idea of most severely tested. >> there are a bunch of different measures, how many young people vote, how many whites percentage of white vote in population. lou: women and independence and et cetera. >> obama people survive and win if they changed the electorate it has been moving more and more today their model for years now. lou: what is their model? >> it is you have to have -- lou: i tell you we have to hurry then -- >> romney people think it will be about 75%. i think the romney people think it will be an old electorate,
10:58 pm
and younger for obama people, these small measures. lou: why? >> do they turn out enough young peoplpeople? >> it depends on who turns out. lou: quickly, seeks, benghazi re-- cbs2, benghazi releasing two separate occasions video they had since september 11. >> they should have done it a long time ago. lou: are they in concert with white house and pam campaign staff. >> there is nothing new in the video, i agree with condoleezza rice. let's have facts come out,. lou: you and condi just like that. >> a lot is perception, they should have gotten it on the sooner. >> i don't think it was in concert with white house. but, i think they -- i think cbs made a mistake by not getting it out sooner.
10:59 pm
lou: they have fixed it now there are a few hours before the election, thank you very much. and robert zimmerman, thank you so much. >> time for your comments patricia from chicago, i think you are such an important voice for the american people, today you showed how you have the abu tability to cut through distractions, to get to the truth. i cried, and told my husband, he just gave the edge in a razor thin race to obama. >> thank you, we try hard to speak trait on the issues. james wrote me on facebook to say all experts have been saying that independence will decide this elect, guess who has such a huge lead with independence? that would be mitt romney. yes, it would be. now we'll see what how it

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